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This link shows that this company is not a POLICE and they are making false claims to be an authority on distance education promote them self as a Police authority on Distance Learning where they do not have any right to write about any organisation baseless and false statement and make allegations that they cannot support.

It has come to the notice of our management that some fraudulent and baseless social media and google links to defame us with some ulterior motives. We have repeatedly tried to contact such false and baseless agents but their address is fake. Meanwhile, we have launched legal notices against them and soon we will bring them to justice. Public is requested to support us in tracing them and report us accordingly. Moreover, it shall be born in mind that in the USA such propagandas are rampant only on the false rumour initiated by some big universities to disturb our student’s intake.Should anyone has any information leading to this FORUM Owner and their where about. Please contact us and send us thier details to help the law enforcement agency to bring this Culpret to justice.

companies that do not exist and only web-based scammers trying to fool innocent people anymore after a search was conducted by authorities to investigate these culprits they all disappeared from our Legal Notice and Court Order which never got delivered to these companies. When we try to contact them thru local authorities to investigate and contact them we cannot reach them as they do not reply. Their false claims they have made against our University and legal action is on its way to make them pay for these Baseless and false claims.  They are the only web based without any company registration or even an office. The names they use online are all made up names there are no such people under such names working at their so called online locations.

When presenting information about products or services to customers, be sure to:

  • give current and correct information
  • use simple language
  • check that the overall impression is accurate
  • back up claims with facts and documented evidence where appropriate
  • note important limitations or exemptions
  • correct any misunderstandings
  • be prepared to substantiate.

These people are not providing any of the above to come forward to support any of their so called claims and they run away when the real police are looking out for them. We like to see any of them can come in Court and Prove all their claims they are making on their websites.

Should anyone have any knowledge about these companies and people behind them? Please contact us on

These are Agents who are working to earn a Commission from big universities and they try to write false and misleading information so Students go their universities that charge them not less than $10,000 or more for a program. This is a group that does not have any office , any Business Registration in any State in the United States of America. When contacted our Legal time to investigate they first contacted local police to arrest them and they court to order to return as there was no such company or person.

These are only web-based sites doing nothing but damage to institutions that does not offer them a commission.

Here you will see the proof 

GET EDUCATED COMPANY Has posted this link that full of lies when we try to reach them and our lawyers try to contact them they don’t have any address or phone number and neither they have any company that is registered. They just make up $10 based websites and write against people and universities that refuse to give them a commission.

Their address search shows they are operating many such baseless companies from the same address.


Suite 630. Fairfax, VA 22035. 703-324-1637. 703-324-1846 FAX ….. 101 Mounts Bay Rd. James City County … 128 West Main Street … Cornwall, Bruce (1) … City Of Harrisonburg. 409 S. Main Street.HarrisonburgVA22801. 540-432-7700.


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Note: Person name Johann is behind this Forum and few others our investigation found out his real activities 

Comments: Any one that believes this link below is valid and genuine should ask the following questions.

  1. Who has given them the authority to act as Police Officers do they have State Police or State Education Department letter authorising them to act on their behalf?
  2. Ask them to provide the person making such claims against us to provide their Passport copy and Authority letter issued by State or Federal Government Education Department that authorises them to act as a police officer to write such lies about us. If they are genuine and valid let us have their passport copies and company registration with a letter of a government agency that recognises them as law enforcement on Education related matters.  The trust of the matter is that they are nothing more than a domain based group of people who goes around and target distance learning universities.


NOTE: Vicky Phillips also known as Vicky  see this link this person has cases against her pending 

in this case, this is a Canadain based website that is acting as Students Recruitment agents for various expensive universities that pay them commission to enrol students for them and in return they go around writing articles against Distance Learning universities that does not pay them any money.



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