Diploma In Civil Engineering

Diploma in Civil Engineering



The four-year curriculum leading to the Diploma in Civil Engineering (Dip CE) enables the graduate to enter professional practice as an engineer or to continue his or her studies in programs leading to advanced Diplomas in the following broad fields of specialization: construction engineering and management, environmental engineering, environmental hydraulics, geotechnical engineering, hydrology, materials, structural engineering and mechanics, transportation, and water resources planning and management. The Diploma Civil Engineering Diploma program is designed to offer depth in course material considered essential for all civil engineers, as well as flexibility in selecting elective courses that offer breadth of topic exposure. Civil engineers contribute to society in numerous ways; thus, the School’s philosophy is to provide the student with a range of electives that meet student interests. Civil engineers must not only be technically proficient, but also must be effective in working with people and with professionals in other disciplines.


Programme Structure

The diploma programme is delivered using a mixed-mode format. Some courses are delivered using online or blended approaches. Students must have access to a computer and Internet access. Online orientation is conducted before the start of the programme.


The course requirements of the DIP CE degree are listed in the Diploma Requirements. Although students are not obligated to take the courses during the semester indicated, they must satisfy all prerequisites for a particular course. In addition to campus-wide academic requirements for graduation with a Diploma’s degree, the following are also required for the DIP CE degree:


Students complete a total of 30 credits normally equivalent to 10 courses. Students explore general education and core courses in a number of areas including:


Core modules

  • Construction Materials
  • Engineering Mathematics 1

o    Graphical Representation and It

  • Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
  • Introduction to Hydraulic Engineering
  • Professional Studies
  • Stage 1 Placement Preparation
  • Structural Analysis and Design 1
  • Surveying and Construction


 Entry Requirements


Applicants should meet one of the following matriculation requirements:

  1. Persons over the age of 21 on the basis of their overall academic and professional attainments.
    2. Holders of the approved certificates from the School of Continuing Studies,  with an acceptable pass in English Language

Program length: One years or less


Total credits: 30 credits 

Admissions: Any time for Distance Learning

 Academic Preparation

Prior to the start of the programme all new participants must take part in an orientation programme held in August of an academic year.  This orientation introduces learners to online study and prepares them for the demands of a Newcastle Campus Associate Diploma programme.

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